Thursday 10 June 2010

Challenge rules

Good morning all your crafters out there.

Much as I hate having to do it, I am afraid there is a need to remind people of our challenge rules. They have been on our sidebar since day one, but in your eagerness to win our fabby prizes, some of you are forgetting to read them.

I know they are a pain in the rear, but it's only fair to your fellow entrants that you take a moment to read them before adding your entry. Quite understandably, some peeps have been getting rather upset that some of you are not following the rules and with such great prizes on offer we do have a duty to make sure everyone plays it by the book.

When someone does not follow the rules I try and send a discreet e.mail, but where there is no mail link all I can do is leave a comment and I am seriously looking like I'm turning into the Challenge Police which is not a nice place to be at all. So to make sure there is no doubt, here are the main ones:
  • You can combine your entry into Stampalot Challenge with a maximum of five other challenges - that's six in total.
  • You can enter more than once, but you can only enter one card and each additional entry must be a different type of project- e.g: a l/o, or box or some other craft item you have created.
  • You must include a link in your entry post back to Stampalot Challenge - lots of your links just go to your own blogs or there is non at all. If you don't know how to do it, please mail me, I am always happy to help where I can.
Checking out each entry to make sure it complies with the rules takes lots of time, but if you all take just a few moments to check the rules before you post your entry, life will be a lot easier for us all.

In future, any entries that we consider do not comply with the rules will be removed from Mr Linky immediately and will not be eligible for the prize on offer or our Top 3 that month.

Where possible I will send you a message to explain but this is not guaranteed. This does not mean you are prevented from doing a new entry that does comply with the rules.


Unknown said...

Hi Brenda, don't worry he he I was one that didn't see the first rule last time woops !!! :) Hugs xxx

Lynda said...
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1CardCreator said...

Sorry Brenda, I am not used to entering multiple challenges, I did not read the rule and went over I do apologize, thanks for pointing it out, I will be more careful in the future. ~Diane

Beryl said...

Been here before haven't we Brenda. Well done putting it so well - again.
Beryl xx

Anonymous said...
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