Saturday 10 September 2011

September theme

Hello everyone, we thought this months challenge was a nice easy one, but it seems clear from some of your entries that some peeps are really struggling with what is a frame and what is not a frame, or otherwise not reading the challenge post properly !!

A frame is according to the Cambridge dictionary............"a frame into which a picture fits", just what we thought as well.

So this is what has been decided, in fairness to entrants who already have or do make real efforts to create a proper frame in line with the theme, they will be the people whose work will form the basis of entries considered for the prize shown on the challenge post. All other entrants who have already or wish to use nesties/dies as the base matting for their image as opposed creating or using a frame, will be put into the hat for a smaller token gesture prize.

We hope this way nobody will be prevented from entering and you can all join in the challenge fun.

Special Note: for this one month only, anyone who has already entered but not used a frame, may enter a second card providing their second entry has a proper frame in line with the theme. In this instance their second entry only will be eligible for a prize and that will be the one shown on the challenge blog.

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