Monday 18 February 2013

Lynne's crafting story

This month it is my pleasure to introduce our DT Lynne who has made two more stunning creations following this months challenge theme of Fur and Feathers. Lynne is also giving us a little insight into her crafting passions and what get her into it in the first place.

Q.1. When did your love of stamping begin?

Over 20 years ago. Around 1992 I went to a craft sale where a woman was demonstrating stamping and heat embossing. It was just at the time when art stamping was being introduced over here from the USA. The demonstrator was simply stamping and embossing a picture on to a plain white card and colouring it with felt pens. I'd never seen anything like it before, and thought the embossing was magic! I bought my first stamp (which I still have and use) on the spot and was hooked from that moment! What a long way we have come, in terms of materials and techniques, since then.

Q.2.What do you enjoy most about it?

That even with a single stamp I need never produce the same design twice. I am limited only by my imagination. I'd soon get bored with my stamps otherwise. Oh, and the fact that I can produce an acceptable image without the ability to draw!

Q.3.What is your favourite make of stamp ?

I tend to look for stamps by theme, rather than by manufacturer, so I'm interested in any company which makes stamps suited to my favourite topics. However, a quick look at my collection reveals that topping the league are probably Chocolate Baroque, Crafty Individuals and Inkylicious. (Though not necessarily in that order. I haven't actually counted my stamps. I daren't!)

Q.4. What is your most used stamp/product and why?

Not counting tools, my most used product is probably my Versafine Onyx Black inkpad, closely followed by Distress Inks, both types because of their versatility. My most used stamp is the personalised "hand made by" one which I stamp on the back of all my cards. Apart from that, a classic "Happy Birthday" by (I think) Embossing Arts, which is one of the first stamps I ever bought and which I often still use on the inside of a card.

Q.5. What colours do you most enjoy working with ?

I prefer cool colours: blues, purples, or greens, but I also like autumn shades.

Q.6. What inspires your designs?

Anything nature-related. I have always loved the natural world, and now that I am lucky enough to live in beautiful countryside I am not short of inspiration. However, my mojo does go off on holiday now and then, and on those occasions a trip round Blogland will usually bring it back. The wealth of talent out there constantly amazes me.

Thanks so much for sharing that with us Lynne, I don't know about all of you, but I rather like being a fly on the wall of other peoples crafty space.


SanDee1899 said...

Just fabolous. Lynne is a real inspriration!

pinky said...

Amazing work and a lovely read Lynne.

Clare said...

Love your work and the art deco card is right up my street.

Marja's Stamp Addiction en Marja's Creativity said...

Really amazing work. Love both cards very much. Also your words.
lovely greet and a nice weekend

Anonymous said...
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